Sinocare 100PCS Test Strips & Twist Lancet Needles – Blood Glucose Test Kit


Easy-to-use touchable test strips with capillary action. Usable only with an Accu-check machine. Requires a very small blood sample (1 micro-liter). Apply blood to the test strip in or out of the meter. Blood sample can be taken from the fingertip, palm, forearm, upper arm, thigh or calf.

These test kit has the advantages of exquisite and lightweight. Easy to carry anywhere. Allows you to easily test your blood sugar while you are on a business trip or traveling.


  •  Blood Glucose Testing Strips: Code free Strips x 100 & Pain free Lancets for Sinocare Safe-Accu only.
  •  High cost performance: Affordable, low price, full-featured, suitable for long-term use. Warmly remind: The packaging of test strips has been updated, the products in two versions of the packaging have same quality
  •  Precise & Easy to use Code free test strips, only 10s testing time, 0.6 micro liters blood sample volume. The test strips have advanced technology and stability.
  •  Warm note: The strips included in the package have 2 versions (old or new), we ship strips randomly. These 2 versions are different on boxes only. Please rest assured, it won’t affect the usage effect.
  •  Guaranteed date is fresh: All code-free test strips are fresh and guaranteed a 12-24 month maturity date.

  • Don’t store the products where it’s too hot o too cold.
  • Keeping your fingers clean, wipe the first drop of blood away with a clean tissue, test with the second drop of blood, which is less likely to be contaminated.
  • Results from alternative sites don’t reflect your current blood glucose level.
  • Adjust the depth of your lancing device according to your skin thickness.


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