Foot Massager / Health Protection Instrument


This rejuvenating massage device uses traditional Chinese acupressure point therapy that provides relaxation for the foot and other body parts. It activates cells to increase metabolism to reduce weight gain. Improves the immune system for increased wellness, increased lymphatic flow for toxin removal, fat cell reduction, improved skin exfoliation, and smoothness. It also speeds ankle and foot injury recovery by increasing blood circulation. Expands from foot soles to waist, neck, back, and other muscle groups.

Maikang (MFK) Health Protection Instrument


  • Easy, remote control use
  • 50 electromagnetic wave choices
  • 99 intensity levels electromagnetic wave
  • 25 massage modes
  • For use up to 90 minutes per session
  • Optional infrared heat therapy available
  • Optional massage belt and 4 adhesive, gel massage pads
  • Electrically powered (AC)


  • Provides relaxing and rejuvenating massage for feet or other body parts
  • Speeds ankle and foot injury recovery by increasing blood circulation

Other possible benefits may include:

  • Modulates physiological mechanisms
  • Activates cells to increases metabolism to reduce weight gain
  • Improves immune system for increased wellness
  • Increase lymphatic flow for toxin removal
  • Fat cell reduction and improved skin exfoliation and smoothness


  • Not for use by patients with cancer, tuberculosis, cardiac pacemakers, neurosis, or diabetes
  • Not for use on body parts with broken bones, skin allergies, or open wounds


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