Fibroid Tea

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  • Clear womb’s toxin and waste
  • Diminish inflammation
  • Protect womb and help warm it.
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1 review for Fibroid Tea

  1. Lizzy

    I want a detailed post of this product pls

    • Raymond

      The product helps in the following:
      1. Reduce heavy and painful menstruation flow.
      2. Dissolves and Prevent Uterine Fibroid.
      3. Fallopian tube blockage.
      4. Anti Aging, Prevent
      Gynecological Disease.
      5. Regulating Menstruation.
      6. Cleanse the Womb of Toxins.
      7. Increase Fertility.
      8. Keep the Womb Warm.
      9. Diminish Inflammation of the womb.
      10. Delay Menopause.
      11. Balance Hormone.
      12. Reducing big tummy.
      13. Ovarian Cyst.

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